The application for documentation, control and evaluation of information security

Comprehensive documenting, controlling and evaluating information security allows early identification and closing of weak points as well as avoiding unnecessary risks and consequences.

Security in information and data management is one of the most delicate tasks in a company. In addition to the pure data protection, the topic gets more and more attention and dynamics through hacker attacks. This attention is also justified, since information is one of the most important assets of a company. Be it strategies, patents, information about customers, suppliers, products as well as information about ongoing business and transformation projects. Other essential and sensitive information is existing or planned resources as well as information on risks, controls or gaps in the implementation of regulatory requirements.
TopEase® has comprehensive, integrated, and sustainable security management that does not require redundancy. All safety regulations and standards are supported by TopEase®. Especially worth mentioning are the BSI specifications and the standards 27001 et seq. TopEase also allows permanent evaluation of information security and the monitoring of recommendations, weaknesses and measures.

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Visibility, mobility, flexibility, integrity and quality are ensured by TopEase® 24/7, 365 days.

  •  Security specifications can be comprehensively and redundantly documented, maintained, evaluated, measured, controlled and changed.
  •  Integration with risk management is comprehensively guaranteed.
  •  Integration with process management is comprehensively guaranteed.
  •  Integration to control management is fully guaranteed.
  • Security specifications can be linked to all assets (processes, organizational units, systems, applications,
  •     infrastructure, logistics, equipment,contracts, suppliers, etc.).
  •  Comprehensive definition of governance for risks, controls and security requirements.
  •  Overall care and evaluation of protection needs.
  •  Protection needs analysis forms the basis for the entire ISM process.
  •  Automatic determination of all bases to be assessed in the process on the basis of a scope (value added / process)

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