The application for care and evaluation of regulatory requirements and obligations as well as their mapping

Digitizing, maintaining, evaluating and controlling all regulatory obligations and mastering the implementation and change of regulatory complexity to reduce risk.

In the age of digitization, overregulation, globalization and ever-increasing cost pressures, it is imperative to have an overview of laws and their interpretations, regulations, ordinances, norms, standards and all other obligations at all times. Changes and deviations must be detected and evaluated early (GAP). Impact and impact analyzes are indispensable in order to identify and control regulatory risks and their consequences at an early stage.
With TopEase®, all types of laws, regulations and other agreements can be documented (digitized), maintained, evaluated, controlled and changed in a redundant and comprehensible manner. The regulatory links can be carried out semiautomatically on the basis of documents or down to the article, paragraph or point level.
By means of an interactive web application, regulations can be networked with the business architecture [DNA] (process, role, organization, distribution channel, product, application, information, customers, suppliers, etc.), maintained and evaluated.
At any point in time, digitized regulations on GAPs and vulnerabilities can be investigated to identify and assess regulatory risk. Through integration with TopEase® process, risk and control management, a comprehensive picture of legal obligations is always guaranteed.

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Visibility, mobility, flexibility, integrity and quality are ensured by TopEase® 24/7, 365 days.

  • Laws, regulations and all other obligations can be comprehensively and redundantly documented,
  •     maintained, evaluated, measured, controlled and changed.
  • Documents or articles can be linked to all assets (process, role, organization, distribution channels, product,
  •     application, information, customers, suppliers, etc.).
  • Regulations can be changed comprehensibly and managed by integrated workflow.
  • Integration with the Internal Control System [ICS] is fully guaranteed.
  • Integration with process management is comprehensively guaranteed.
  • Integration with risk management is comprehensively guaranteed.
  • The magic triangle (process, control, risk) is supported in all facets.
  • Comprehensive definition of regulation governance and automatic evaluation of the same.
  • Comprehensive definition and evaluation of responsibilities is guaranteed at all times.

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