Capability-Management [GRC]

Emergency back to normal

If environmental conditions change (e.g. Covid-19), the emergency suddenly becomes a normal case!

Who must do what, in what order, how are measures steered to control risks and simultaneously guarantee regulatory compliance?
With TopEase®, complex (recovery) plans can be centrally controlled, monitored, communicated and decentral easily maintained.

A topic of great current importance! Because an emergency must not be left to chance!
Will the currently unpleasant situation “Covid-19” become the norm in the future?
Does our economy, politics, companies and perhaps society have to adapt to such occurrences in the future / present? The questions / answers - what needs to be done can be documented and controlled well, quickly, easily by means of the TopEase® technology. It is also possible to control a “stop and go», which is not necessarily aimed for.

Restarting, or re-entrance from an emergency operation back to normality, is a complex task!
With TopEase® this task can be calculated, controlled, and continuously evaluated (manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic).

Measures are linked to risks, controls and architectural assets and can be automatically visualized, controlled, and monitored. This is supported by intelligent documentation (model, information network, rules), which shows how things are coordinated vertically (product, process, organization, application, information, infrastructure, location, etc.). Additionally, value-added chains as well as supply chains (supplier, process, customer, etc.) are documented "end to end" with all dependencies and interfaces. With this integrated process, risks can be controlled better, controls can be assessed, processes can be optimized and recovery plans can be implemented safely and in a controlled manner.

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This 360° measures, makes things much easier and more understandable!
Risks in the implementation of the measures can be documented, maintained, assessed, measured, controlled and changed in a comprehensive and redundancy-free manner.

  • Measures can be documented, changed and controlled through integrated workflow
  •     in a traceable manner (manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic).
  • Measures can be linked to all architectural assets (processes, organizational units, systems, applications,
  •     infrastructure, logistics, material resources, contracts, suppliers, etc.).
  • Integration with the internal control system [ICS] is fully guaranteed.
  • The governance of the measures can be documented and monitored individually.
  • The magic triangle (process, control, risk) is supported in all facets.
  • Measures can be maintained using tables and / or Gantt charts.
  • Costs, key figures and implementation risks can be managed comprehensively.
  • Modeling and documenting dependencies on regulations, laws, contracts and their interpretations.
  • Recovery plans can be calculated using rules and supplemented manually if necessary.
  • Alerting, notification and resubmission of measures can be controlled by rules.

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