The application for the maintenance of value chains, processes, governance and their support

Comprehensively documenting, visualizing, actively controlling and evaluating processes, networking them with reality and regulating responsibilities means efficiency, transparency and traceability.

Business process management has lost none of its significance in the digital world, but rather gained it. By focusing on topics such as outsourcing, automation (workflow integration), value chains (end to end) and vertical integration. Process governance and efficient taxation using key figures are also becoming increasingly important. In a constantly changing environment, the desire for more agility in modifying and adjusting processes and their support (technologically, organizationally) also increases.
TopEase® offers a structured, sustainable and comprehensive process management for all topics of your company (IT, departments, legal, risk, audit, logistics, finance, personnel, etc.). Integration eliminates unnecessary and expensive drawing of process map and workflows. Often the diagrams can be generated automatically by existing information, with the advantage of the topicality and quality, and maintained with changes. With TopEase®, all types of processes and value chains can be documented, maintained, evaluated, measured, controlled and changed in a redundant and comprehensible manner.

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Visibility, mobility, flexibility, integrity and quality are ensured by TopEase® 24/7, 365 days.


  • Processes can be documented, maintained, evaluated, measured, controlled and changed comprehensively and without redundancy.
  • Processes can be linked to all architecture assets (organizational units, systems, applications, infrastructure,
  •     logistics, material, documents,manuals, data, etc.).
  • Visualization of all diagrams (including Swimlane) is done fully automatically by integration.
  • Process landscapes including value chains can be generated without redundancy.
  • Processes can be comprehensibly changed and managed through integrated workflow.
  • Integration with the Internal Control System [ICS] is fully guaranteed.
  • Integration with risk management is comprehensively guaranteed.
  • The magic triangle (process, control, risk) is supported in all facets.
  • Comprehensive definition of process governance and automatic measurement of targets (KPI).

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