TopEase® Enterprise-Platform [GRC]

Simple, without redundancy, rule-based, integrated, state-of-the-art - these are the features of TopEase®

Control complexity, generate graphics automatically, distribute information securely and keep documentation up-to-date - means saving money and improving quality.

Organizations often see limits in visualizing the entire business structure, making modeling and assessing new processes, controls, risks, architectures, systems, responsibilities, managing large change projects, or assessing their impact, delicate and complex. Using a variety of tools to manage processes, controls, risks, systems, organizational architectures, and regulatory requirements creates a fragmented view that conceals key relationships and dependencies. These "black holes" can create unforeseen challenges that cause projects to fail due to the lack of transparency of the changes, the deadlines being exceeded, or the quality not being met.

Overall View (Transformation Capabilities) on the Company
TopEase® addresses these challenges by performing three tasks to create an overall view of the business: Recognize: TopEase® understands all the elements that make up the existing enterprise environment, including processes, controls, risks, responsibilities, employee profiles, hardware, software, and application interfaces, Data, contracts and compliance obligations, etc., composed. Mapping: TopEase® associates these elements and their relationships with each other, such as which controls belong to which business processes or which systems support which business processes. Likewise, gaps are identified when, for example, no responsible employee has been named for a particular process. Visualize: TopEase® generates diagrams of the corporate landscape that can be tailored to the respective user roles and interests. Therefore, a risk manager can look at all the gaps in compliance processes, while a specialist can visualize the corresponding process flow to see how this is done e.g. Support the business customers.

TopEase® erzeugt Diagramme der Unternehmenslandschaft
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Added value for every company:

  • No systems are replaced (complement is the motto)
  • Networking generates added value 1 + 1 = 3
  • No redundancy, single source, integration with running systems
  • Productivity increase 30% -50%, fast, easy, sustainable
  • Save money, reduce resources (-30%) for care
  • empower staff (current visualization, transparent changes)
  • Mastering quality, raising maturity, creating trust
  • Guarantee traceability (100%) ... to look around the corners ...
  • show and control change (100% CAP)

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