The application to ensure all the requirements for a safe operation

Normal and emergency operation, repatriation, workarounds, recovery planning with their details as well as exceptional situations and their evaluation.

Globalization, digitization, the Internet of Things, technology change (e.g. blockchain, artificial intelligence) and robotics, as well as the ever-growing network can no longer be stopped. This fact leads to increasing dependence and systemic behavior in an emergency. Driven by this fact, emergency and continuity planning as well as the recurrent or even permanent assessment of possible failure scenarios, their effects and consequences, has become a firm part of the business world.
TopEase® offers structured, sustainable architecture and asset management including interface documentation, contingency planning, restart planning, shutdown planning, impact analysis and simulation for different target groups. Seamless integration of the individual topics into the existing system world as well as process, risk and control management actively avoids redundant maintenance of data.
For evaluation of architectures and possible failure scenarios [BIA], all information is used without redundancy. Scenarios can be simulated, supplemented, visualized and documented during the evaluation.
TopEase® supports the complete BCM / BIA process according to ISO 22301 and can be adapted to your own additional needs.

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Visibility, mobility, flexibility, integrity and quality are ensured by TopEase® 24/7, 365 days.

  •  ✔ Architecture Assets can be documented, maintained, evaluated, measured and controlled comprehensively and without redundancy.
  •   Architecture Assets can be linked to all other types of elements.
  •  ✔ Architecture Assets can be comprehensibly changed and managed through integrated workflow.
  •   Integration for risk, process and asset management without redundancy.
  •   Controls and risks can be supplemented.
  •   Comprehensive definition of BCM governance and automatic measurement of targets.
  •  ✔ Automatic determination of all bases to be evaluated on the basis of objectives and lifecycle information.
  •   Web based damage potential assessment based on damage categories, time history and amount of damage.
  •  ✔ Define and document emergency strategies to manage an emergency scenario.

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