Business-DNA Solutions GmbH the software factory…

… from Switzerland, which exclusively produces the software platform TopEase®, which is already in use worldwide, with your web applications for digitizing, networked, visualizing, integrating and evaluating all company information into one overall picture.
With TopEase®, information can be used effectively, efficiently, securely and with the highest quality to increase productivity, meet regulatory requirements and manage risks. Information is the most important asset of a company and is fundamental to generating benefits in all operations and transformation tasks.

Complexity, globalization, high regulatory requirements, operational risks, security, constant change and the always missing up-to-date, comprehensible documentation of processes, assets, interfaces and dependencies are just a few of the most important topics that we address sustainably.

Innovation, technology coupled with simplicity and controllability are the success factors for transparency and sustainable change.

… Technology works the same 24/7 ….


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