The application for the maintenance and networking of all architecture assets and their interfaces

Architecture Assets form the essential part of the business DNA of a company and can be comprehensively documented, networked, visualized, controlled and evaluated.

Architecture Assets (ICT-Infrastructure) form the business DNA of a company and are responsible for its resilience and changeability. Of course, the process is also an asset of the company. The process is supported by separate application integrally and redundancy-free for asset management by TopEase®. Asset management is fully supported both vertically and horizontally, with each asset also being networked with another asset. Vertical towers (Enterprise Tower) allow representing assets in terms of who needs which other resources (e.g., process requires an application) or which resource supports another resource (e.g., hardware is the foundation of an application). Horizontal linking allow the presentation of assets in the sense of predecessor and successor (interfaces and data flow). This complexity is supported for better understanding by automatically generated visualizations. Thus, changes are easy to recognize and traceability is guaranteed at all times. Likewise, architecture scenarios can be formed and simulated by means of rules. TopEase® offers structured, sustainable architecture management including comprehensive governance documentation.

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Visibility, mobility, flexibility, integrity and quality are ensured by TopEase® 24/7, 365 days.

  • Architectures and their assets can be documented, maintained, evaluated, measured, controlled and changed
  •     comprehensively and without redundancy.
  • Assets of an architecture can be linked with all other types of elements and objects of a company.
  • Automatic determination of all bases to be evaluated on the basis of objectives and lifecycle information.
  • Integration with the Internal Control System [ICS] is fully guaranteed.
  • Integration with process management is comprehensively guaranteed.
  • Integration with risk management is comprehensively guaranteed.
  • Comprehensive definition of asset governance and automatic measurement of targets.

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